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Perhaps it is a reminiscence of my years at the university or it is just that I’m a cautious person, the fact remains that I use to carry a lot of stuff in my bags. I always tell to myself what if I need this or that and end up with half of the content unnecessary. This without mentioning the days I’m out with my husband who takes advantage to put his own stuff with mine! He didn’t help me when he offered me the Selma tote bag from Michael Kors (plot twist: he did it on purpose so he can rely on me for carrying his stuff every time he needs to!).

Anyway, now I tend to lighten my bag to the essential, especially since I'm currently on holiday in Algeria : keys, money and phone. Of course I added few things (all necessary I promise) but I think I’m not too bad at it, let me know otherwise!

  • Wallet, keys, phone and headphones

Simply the essentials (hello Captain Obvious). My python wallet is from Victoria's Secret. It's small enough to fit in all my bags while it can carry all my cards; plus, it's pretty without showing off. All I need is money and my NOL card as I take public transportation a lot. There I lock myself in my bubble with music so time flies faster. By the way, I discovered Jhené Aiko few months ago, you should check out her music if you fancy to listen to R&B. 

  • Shades and sun screen 

In Dubai, we are lucky to have the sun all the year which means daily sun protection is necessary. Here comes the Bioderma moisturizing anti-UV mist that is my all-time favorite since it can be sprayed over the makeup. Magical!

  • A book and a perfume

I enjoy reading since childhood. I just bought this one at a small bookstore* in Constantine, Algeria about the city's history: Constantine, one city, multiple legacies. It's a pity I don't know that much about the place I am from, now I really want to know more about it.
The fragrance in the middle is Brit from Burberry and contains four accords: vanilla, mahogany, balsamic Tonka beans and amber. The scent is floral, soft and Fresh, one of the kind I love. 

  • Panadol and ophtalmologic solution

The eyes solution because I wear contact lenses that dry out my eyes when it's windy and Panadol because you never know!

  • A shawl or a light cardigan

And because we have a good weather throughout the year, A/C is always on everywhere you go and a shawl or a light cardigan are welcome for when it’s a bit too cold. 

  • Lip balm and makeup

My lips tend to dry out thus I have a lip balm in every bag I have so I can never run out of it. I absolutely love the pink grapefruit smell of this one from Burt's Bees. Other than that, I usually carry a corrector and a mattifying powder for makeup touch ups throughout the day. 

* For those who are visiting the city, I recommend you to stop by the new bookstore in La Pyramide, just in front of Les Arcades / la Rurole. The nice owner sells lots of books in Arabic and French I have never seen anywhere else.

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