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Hair & Skin | Hydration vs moisture

It is very common for people to get hydration and moisture mixed up. Yet, knowing the difference is important so as to be able to determine what you should focus on and thus to provide the right treatment.

Definition and difference
Hydration relates to water content, in other words the level of water in your skin cells or hair fiber. A dehydrated skin or damaged hair mainly lack of water. Then hydrating elements provide and hold onto water.

Moisture relates to the production of sebum. Contrary to popular belief, sebum is important because it helps to protect the skin and hair from external aggressions as well as to prevent them from drying out by creating a protective barrier. Dry hair and skin lack of oil. Then moisturizing ingredients seal the water and do not let it evaporate.

Focus on skin 
Water naturally evaporates from the epidermis which dehydrates the skin. This biological process takes place so as to regulate the skin's level of water. In that case, using a simple water-bas…

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