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Curly hair for beginners | Hair types

This is a highly requested topic that I will breakdown into several categories in a hope that your curls benefit from my advice as much as possible. This post is targeted to women who want to style their naturally curly hair without using a curler though they don't know how to start, what to use, where to go, why on earth do we have to struggle!

First step is to know your hair characteristics so as to know what exactly you need. It is important to know your curls so as to provide the right care. One product from a specific brand will not suit everybody and two products from the same brands will not have the same result on you.

Type(s) of curls

This classification made by the American hairdresser Andre Walker will help you determine your type of curls, provided that you can have different types at the same time and that curls get naturally loose if you have got long hair.

As you can see above, hair types are broken down into 4 categories from straight to kinky. Then each category i…

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