Natural deodorants | My experience

One of the last beauty product I questioned in my journey into green beauty is deodorant. It was so deeply anchored in my routine, it took me some time to realize the classic brands I used for so many years were not healthy at all. Even harmful for that matter. Common deodorants and anti-perspirants have been denounced several times by medias and associations for being made with potentially dangerous chemicals like aluminium, artificial fragrance and preservatives. The articles and documentaries available online are pretty much self-explanatory.

So I wanted to go for natural deodorants that would be as efficient as the ones I used to buy. The only issue is that it takes time and fails to find the ones that really work on you - the right texture, the ingredients, the brand. I won't say that I found the gem but if some worked for me, others didn't and I want to present different brands and different textures you might want to try.

What worked in the beginning

1. Coconut oil and baking soda
The easiest type of deodorant one could make. It worked for me but I wanted something more convenient for when I travel because coconut oil liquefies under a certain temperature. You should give it a try though, it can be an interesting "first deodorant" to make at home.

2. Alum stone
Aluminiums are a controversial topic. There are naturally present in alum stones but the question is whether it is safe or as dangerous as the aluminiums artificially made. It worked for me as a powder only and for about two years before I decided to try other products that would be 100% safe. I also noticed in the end it wasn't working as good as it used to.

What worked well

3. Roll-on deodorant - Real Purity
I talked about it in my iHerb haul and absolutely loved this deodorant. Clean, efficient, long lasting and nice packaging: what else to ask for? I strongly recommend you this one if you don't want to bother making one yourself.

4. Cream deodorant - Soapwalla
I am currently trying it out and so far it does its job very well. I ordered it online. It's quite expensive but no regrets given how great it is. Not only it works but I only take a pea-sized amount for each armpit. However,  I was afraid it would irritate my skin because of the high concentration of baking soda but nothing to complain on that end. I also strongly recommend this one if you don't mind applying it with your fingers.

What didn't work for me

5. Roll-on deodorant with tea tree oil and lavender - Desert Essence
I will be short: this one was totally useless in my case. I do not doubt the properties of tea tree and lavender oils but their main purpose has nothing to do with being anti-perspirant. I got rid of this product before I finished it. It is such a shame because the ingredients list seemed promising.  
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