Laya by Ne'emah | Between East & West

Growing up in France shaped my tastes in many things, including fragrances. I like a perfume that is not too strong, not too "obvious", like a secret only a few would be able to discover. Yet stepping a foot into the Arab world of perfumes added more depth to my tastes with woody notes such as oud and frankincense.

Laya by the Kuwaiti brand Ne'emah combines both sides: it is a unique blend of light vanilla with woody notes for the Arabic spirit yet it has this French sophistication that makes the overall scent not overpowering. And it is such a delight.

top note: powdery
heart note: vanilla & cedar wood
base note: wood, musk, agarwood (oud),

First word that comes to my mind to describe it is duality because it really suits both men and women, although "laya" means "lady". I received so many compliments since I have been wearing Laya! Please give it a try at any of the Sephora in the region where Ne'emah perfumes are exclusively available and tell me about it. I also find it to be the perfect gift to someone living outside of the Middle East and eager to try new scents. My brother actually loves it!

(The picture is from Ne'emah's Instagram)
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