5 organic French beauty brands | Shopping guide

If France is a beautiful country for sightseeing, it is also a great place for shopping and especially skin care. While most of you probably know about those popular brands available at those typical French pharmacies, there are also organic beauty brands that deserve to be under the spotlights.

When it comes to organic cosmetics, French and European regulations are the most reliable in my opinion. Many brands claim to be organic but without a genuine label stamped on their products, it is hard - if not impossible, to know if they are truly organic and to track the production chain (important to know when you care about the ethic of a company).

Today I would like to introduce you to 5 trustworthy organic French brands that also have an ethical approach of cosmetics, whether by being cruelty free, vegan and/or eco-friendly. I also mentioned some of them in my full page for Emirates Woman magazine if you fancy a read.

All the brands mentioned are available in most pharmacies or organic shops in France. If you live in the UAE and are not planning to pay a visit anytime soon, don’t worry: I tell you where to buy. :)

You will also find my product selection at the end, based on my own experience or on the product popularity.

One of the leading organic beauty brands in France, Melvita was founded by a beekeeper hence it is not a surprise that the first natural ingredient used was honey. The brand offers a large range of products from skin care to hair care. Can we also talk about the packaging? Beautiful! Melvita is certified organic by two renowned French/European institutions: Ecocert and Cosmebio.

>> available in Dubai Marina mall and at greenchicme.com

Cattier Paris
It is one of my all-time favorite brands and also a leader in the field. Their products are extremely gentle and all products I used so far have a clean ingredients list. There is also a range for baby and kids. Surprisingly, Cattier is also one of the most affordable brands! Certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmebio.

>> available at ecco-verde.com

Eau Thermale Jonzac
Thermal water from the city of Jonzac is rich in eleven minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It makes the products particularly suitable for sensitive skin though all skin types can find the right product. Certified cruelty free and organic by Cosmebio.

>> available at desertcart.ae

It is a growing brand that is making its place amongst the most ethical brands in the market. The approach is about zero waste, being eco-conscious, vegan and cruelty free. Therefore, the products are made with a short list of ingredients, which doesn't mean it affects the quality whatsoever. The highlights of Lamazuna are solid shampoos and toothpastes. I am very interested in this brand and its evolution and I am glad we can get the products in the UAE now.

>> available at Organic Comptoir on Instagram @organiccomptoir and at Ripe Market

It is the only high-end brand of the list. The packaging is sophisticated and luxurious while the range is large including face care and body care. Certified organic by Ecocert. My next purchase in my trip to France!

>> available at desertcart.ae

1. Damask rose floral water - Melvita (tested and approved)
2. Cleansing foam - Melvita (tested and approved)
3. Thermal water spray - Eau Thermale Jonzac (tested and approved)
4. Light moisturizing cream - Eau Thermale Jonzac 
5. Dermo-cleansing gel - Eau Thermale Jonzac (tested and approved)
6. Face cleansing foam - Cattier (tested and approved)
7. Clay scrub - Cattier (tested and approved)
8. Huile absolue skin booster serum - Patyka 
9. Tea tree face cream - Patyka
10. Solid shampoo - Lamazuna
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