3 mascaras for short lashes

If you have short and pretty straight eyelashes like me, you know the struggle to find the good mascara. And once you finally found one that gives you those elongated, voluminous lashes you wish were natural, you stick to it for a while.

Let me tell you about three mascaras that made the difference in terms of volume and/or length for me so perhaps you can give them a try. ;)

Better than Sex (or Love as called in Middle East) - Too Faced

I was so impressed by this mascara when I first tried it that I used five tubes in a row before deciding to switch for another brand. It gives such a volume to my short eyelashes thanks to its large hourglass-shaped brush. One word of caution though: it tends to give clumpy eyelashes because the product gathers all around the brush.

Volume +++  | Length ++

Velvet Noir - Marc Jacobs

My favorite so far. I haven't found a mascara as deep dark as this one. Ever.
The brush is similar to Better than Sex though it doesn't give the lashes as clumpy. In terms of length, I prefer this one.

Volume +++ | Length +++

Long Lash mascara - Laura Mercier

Thanks to its thin and long brush, this mascara separates the thinnest and hard-to-reach lashes. It lengthens lashes very well though I need to use a eyelash curler beforehand.
Unlike the two others however, this mascara gives the most natural look so if you are looking for supersized/false lashes-like look, you shouldn't go for this mascara and opt for one of the two above.

Volume + | Length +++

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