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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Duo Brush
The sought-after brow products from the American brand Anastasia Beverly Hills are now available at Sephora and, shall we say, it's about time! As usual, Dubai beauty market is late but so was I thus I went to check the products as soon as I came back home from my holidays. I wanted to try first the Dipbrow® Pomade which is one of the brand's best sellers. I also left the corner with the Duo Brush #12, ready to rock new eyebrows! Here is my full review.

I am not an expert in styling my brows. If you have been following me for a long time on Instagram, you might remember the way I used to do my eyebrows (like here, or here and there). Then I went for a more natural look and didn't really take care of them until recently. I don't really know what suits me the best when it comes to this part of my face. My eyebrows are naturally sparse which often results in a very unnatural look if I want to use makeup. I gave up the idea for a long time before I swatched the Anastasia Bervely Hills Dipbrow® pomade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Duo brow Brush


The pomade is waterproof and smudge-free, which is particularly great for oily skins and Dubai's weather. It comes in a glass jar with a black lid on which the brand's logo is stamped. The whole thing is pretty and elegant. The jar itself contains 0.14oz (4g) of product which is a lot knowing that you just need a tiny amount for both of the eyebrows. I guess it will take a lifetime for the pomade to be finished.

Some may think the packaging isn't hygienic but I suggest you to dip the brush in, take the amount needed for both of your brows in one shot and then use the pomade directly from the back of your hand. Using it that way leave the contents clean.

The color range is large and would suit everybody. The shade I chose is Dark Brown.


The texture is between a gel and a cream with a smooth consistency. It actually reminds me of butter, which makes the application very easy, especially if you are a beginner like me!

The brush is perfect with its short angled flat and densely compacted bristles. I start by brushing my brows with the spooley then I draw a line all around my brow following its natural shape. The product glides very smoothly and dries fast. Then I fill in the hair making sure it stays as natural-looking as possible.

The pomade is extremely pigmented thus you need to have a light hand while using it otherwise, you will end up with eyebrows so intense it will look unnatural. Or perhaps you like them that way, which is a good point for you then.


See the before / after picture below.

I think one must learn the technique in order to use the Dipbrow pomade perfectly. I myself need to practice before I get the exact finish I want because the pomade is highly pigmented it can be tricky. Anyway, when done well, the final outcome can give a defined and clean shape.

Another great thing about this product is its long lasting power. It lasts the full da, I would say around 9 hours. It's awesome.

Overall, after many trials and although I like it very much, I prefer using the Dipbrow Pomade when I wear a full makeup so it kind of completes the whole look. I noticed that my face looks particularly unnatural and unbalanced when I wear a light makeup. In that particular case, I prefer using the Benefit Gimme Brow (you can see me wearing it in many of my Face Of The Day posts).

The Dipbrow® Pomade costs 98AED
The Duo Brush costs 86AED

Left: with de Dipbrow® Pomade | Right: natural eyebrows 

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