Je t'aime mon Amouage

Amouage was founded in 1983 in the sultanate of Oman, one of the very few countries in the world that grow frankincense. The brand is also famous for selling some of the most expensive perfumes. Originally, Amouage was created out of a desire to reconnect with the Arab tradition of perfumes. However, while it perpetuates this tradition, the brand has an international scope. The fragrances indeed combine classic scents such as musk and amber with modern touches like gardenia or grapefruit.

Perfume takes an important place in Arab culture, it is part of everyday life. One can immediately notices it when landing in the United Arab Emirates. When a tourist asks me what to buy from the United Arab Emirates or Oman, a perfume is what comes to my mind first. So it makes sense for me to have a beautiful piece of the local culture in my own home.

Ciel is my first fragrance from Amouage. It was a gift to myself as a concrete continuity of my deep affection for Oman. Oh, Oman. My love for this country is real and every time I spray myself with this fragrance, it reminds me of this land.

Ciel has a light scent, the lightest of all of the Amouage perfumes actually.

Top notes: gardenia, cyclamen, violet leaves
Heart notes: peach, waterlily, rose, jasmine
Base notes: amber, musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense

I love the floral aura that comes first to the nose. Once it is settled, the base notes suddenly prevail and leave a deep Eastern touch. The scent remains on the clothes for a long time (I avoid spraying on the skin because of the alcohol). It is such a feminine and discrete fragrance, I love it.

A fragrance from Amouage is a wonderful present to make. The packaging is a work of art in itself, an elegant and sophisticated touch to your home. This fragrance is so precious to me that I only wear it on some occasions. A special perfume for special moments. Je t'aime mon Amouage.
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