Review & Try On | Erborian CC Cream

Korean skin care is the trend of the moment in the skin care world. New brands we might have never heard of before in this part of the world are emerging in the market and I'm very curious to give them a try. It got serious when I stumbled on the Erborian corner in Galeries Lafayette in France as I was looking for a perfume for my husband - this is how great beauty discoveries happen, right?

Anyway, I am already a sucker for BB creams and decided why not getting one step further and try a CC cream that seems to be a best seller of the French-Korean brand.

What the brand says about the CC cream HD on its website:
"These intelligent, hybrid formulas transform your skin to give it the appearance of a velvety, ultra-soft finish.CC Creme is a multi-purpose formula: this "High Definition" illuminator, with its fine texture, contains encapsulated pigments to enhance your skin's beauty. Upon application it adapts to your skin tone, naturally revealing a more even, more beautiful complexion."


The packaging comes in a 15ml or a 45 ml tube. I took the latter and find it particularly convenient to use, especially because of the texture. There is a unique tint (light color with a yellow undertone) that is supposed to fit all skin tones - the challenge is serious, let's see if Erborian can do it with its CC cream.

One very good point for this CC cream is that it is SPF 25 and it is also formulated without parabens, phtalates and sulfates. I wish I could tell you more about the composition (except from the brand says) but I can't find the whole ingredients list - it would be great for people to have fully access to products' ingredients... Just saying.


The texture is creamy though a bit thick, it is a good balance between liquid and thick actually. When you pour the CC cream on the hand, it just looked like an illuminating white hydrating cream with none of these so called encapsulated pigments. But while rubbing the cream, the mini capsules release the color and adapt to the skin tone. No wonder why Korean products are famous for their products of highly advanced technology!

 I only apply the CC cream with my fingers in circular motions. I can see the pigments correct the complexion irregularities while adapting to my skin color and it's pretty much amazing. However, I must admit it is relatively easy with me as I have a skin color that is not too pale nor too dark. I would be surprised if the CC cream can fit dark and pale skins. Therefore, to me, the universality argument doesn't hold water.

As for the moisturizing power, I tried to apply the CC cream on naked skin and found it okay. However, I think it's better to apply a day cream before if you have a dry skin.

I personally don't consider BB and CC creams as skin care products even though it is one of the selling points. It is much of a makeup thing to me.


The CC cream coverage is light yet it really makes my skin look good, soft and healthy while giving a very natural finish. It is not a foundation hence the CC cream doesn't cover up the irregularities and other flaws (yet it corrects blemishes) but it gives a beautiful look when you want to go easy on makeup.

Also, it tends to be slightly greasy on my T-Zone (combination skins problems...) hence a lose powder might be needed. Otherwise, I can notice the cream moves on my nose area.

Overall, the Erboridan CC cream HD lives up to its claims and I absolutely love it. Here is a makeup I did wearing it: