Review | Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix & Lippie Pencil

Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil

If you follow makeup brands on Instagram, you already know the Los Angeles-based brand Colour Pop Cosmetics. First of all, I want to thank again my friend Bonnie who gave me these goodies, she's the one who introduced me to the brand (you can read her own reviews on her blog here). Merci Bonnie !

The Lippie Pencils and Lippie Stix are part of the first products that have been launched and they quickly received an enthusiastic welcome from many beauty addicts all over the world.

The great thing about them is that each Lippie Stix has a matching Lippie Pencil. Given the wide rang of lipsticks and lip pencils and their ridiculous price (5USD), there is plenty of choice to the delight of makeup lovers. Now the issue is that Colour Pop doesn't ship worldwide (find the list of the countries where they ship to here) though the team announced that they're working on expanding to other countries.

This being said, here is my review.

Swatches Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Frenemie and Lippie Pencil I heart this
Left: #Frenemie Lippie Stix | Right: #I heart this Lippie Pencil

Lippie Stix in the color #Frenemie

All the products are made in the USA and are cruelty free. The lipstick comes in a twistable plastic tube that makes it convenient to use. The packaging has nothing special yet I'd like to mention the name and finish of the lipstick are written at the bottom of the tube. Yes, it is a detail but this is really nice as it makes it easier to find what I want in my makeup storage without having to pull it out.

Frenemie is described as an "electric warm-toned coral". It's a very nice flashy coral with a touch of red, ideal for the summer season.

The consistency is creamy thus the lipstick glides smoothly and evenly on the lips. However, the smell of vanilla is so strong you get to love vanilla (I mean, to really really love) to find it pleasant.

The color is opaque after few layers and the finish is light and shiny. I haven't find its lasting power crazy though, it is just average; it lasted around 2 hours on me (which is already good).

Lippie Pencil in the color #I heart this

You have to work a bit with this lip pencil because it needs to be sharpened. I find the mine of the pencil fragile, I broke it several times while I'm not rude when I use it.

I heart this is described as a "red based fuchsia" and it is a very beautiful fuchsia indeed. This color really does suit everybody.

The texture is thick yet not too much so it glides easily on the lips. I have to say the lip pencil offers a comfortable application. The finish is matte and opaque and I find the coverage particularly good when I fill in my lips too.

Regarding the lasting power, I'd say: wow! It lasted at least 5 hours on me without flaking. However, if I fill in my lips, it does flake due to its matte finish, which is not surprising after all.
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