How I style my curly hair | My daily (green) routine

How to style naturally curly hair

It was time for me to tell you how I style my curly hair on a daily basis and what products I use. All of them are either natural or of the best composition possible (silicone and harsh chemicals free), as you can notice on my previous post on how I treat dandruff. No need to overload your mane, only choose what works for you!

It took me two years to learn how to take care of them and what is good according to their need. I talk about my hair as if it was an independent being growing up over my head... Well, it really is like that! If you too are from the curly team then this is a post for you!

How to style naturally curly hair - the products

Curly hair is beautiful but it takes a lot of work (a lot) as this hair type is particularly complex and therefore needs a high maintenance. Amongst other things, curls are naturally prone to frizz and require much hydration. For instance, my hair is currently dehydrated hence my curls not so well defined. I need to do weekly masks and will probably tell you in a few weeks if I ever see improvements. Meanwhile, I am mastering my techniques (curly hair is a science. No joke.) and will tell you about it soon.

My routine consists in four steps I re do every morning.

Step 1: Give the curls' shape back 

I don't wake up every morning with perfectly defined curls. I wish though! Some techniques can help but it takes a process to get curls their natural shape back. To do so, I need to wet them first with a mix of mineral water, a few drops of apple cider vinegar for extra shine and a bit of coconut oil. Then my curls get loose and are ready to be tamed.

Step 2: Define the curls

Curly hair are the hair type that needs hydration the most. If you want to have beautiful texturized curls, there's no secret: you must hydrate them. An extra hydration on a daily basis is never too much. First, I apply a non-rinse moisturizer as a leave in from a French brand named De Novo. Unfortunately, De Novo website isn't available in English but there are plenty of leave-in treatments, for instance check here. A leave-in is a must if you want to tame your curls and put them in good shape. It helps attract moisture back into the hair.

Then, my go-to product is pure aloe vera gel in order to complete de hydration. Whatever I put on my hair, I clearly see the difference when I apply aloe vera. It's deeply hydrating and also gives the curls a real texture. At this stage, I usually perform the scrunching technique to add definition and volume by gently crumpling a handful of hair from the ends towards the scalp.

How I style my curly hair

Step 3: Finish & anti-frizz

Once my hair is completely dry, I apply few drops of vegetable oil into the ends of my hair so as to complete the process and seal the hydration. Coconut oil is the oil that suits hair fibre the best but I alternate between this and a non-rinse finishing oil from De Novo. I just squeeze a very small amount so I don't saturate my hair and give them enough product to be absorbed, not too much either.

When the humidity is at his highest (meaning often in Dubai), broccoli oil helps taming the annoying frizzing little hair that seem way too happy all over my head. And voilà!

You can find the natural products I mentioned in any organic supermarkets in the UAE.