My cups of tea

My current favorite teas

Being North African, I grew up with mint tea at home - though in the city where my parents come from, they traditionally drink coffee. You know, the green tea with lots of sugar and of which every swallow is like a glucose syrup directly poured into your mouth (but it is so tasty, right?). Well, if my tastes changed growing up, my love for tea remains and gets even stronger.

The variety of teas is endless, it's such a thrill to discover new combinations and brands. English, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, North African, Omani, African... There are so many yummy options! I'm an addict and an active member of the teaholic brotherhood. This is why I would like to share with you the teas I currently love. So grab a cup of your favorite tea and read the following.

I find loose leaf tea much tastier and intense than tea bags.  My cupboard is literally bursting with many teas that I choose according to my mood. I usually blog with a steaming cup of tea by the way, it makes me feel relaxed. But my favorite time of the day is when I'm home wearing super comfy PJs and holding my hot mug while watching a movie.

Mumtaz black tea

I discovered the brand in Oman's capital thanks to a national campaign that aims to promote Oman-made products (you can learn more about it here).

This black tea has a strong flavor - "raw" if I may say so, that I find particularly great for mornings. It's utterly drinkable although I prefer the way Omanis prepare it!

You can find Mumtaz tea in any supermarket.

Yogi Tea Chai Green

This brand is 100% natural and organic and it offers lots of teas and infusions put inside unbleached tea pouches. Winning arguments! The brand is inspired by holistic living and aims well-being. So far my favorite is Chai Green, a very spicy green tea with rich ginger, cloves and cinnamon flavors that gives it a spicy aroma. It's funny though because I usually don't like ginger in drinks but this chai green is very special. Enough special to be part of my October favorites here.

You can find Yogi Tea drinks at Organic Foods and Café (link).

Fortnum and Mason Royal Blend Tea

Not only the boutique itself is gorgeous but it also has delicatessen at its best (especially their strawberry jam!). The only boutique in the whole Middle East being located in Dubai, I would say it's a must visit store.

Loose leaf tea makes such a difference! This black tea is light and sophisticated although we can feel its specific aroma.

Fortnum and Mason store is located in front of the Burj Khalifa (link).

BOH Lemon and Mandarin tea

I bought lots of tea at the BOH tea plantation in Malaysia (read my diary here). They have a wide range of teas from the traditional Malaysian Teh Tarik (a milk black tea) to more exotic ones, from loose leaf tea to infusions. Needless to say I spent a lot of time in the shop! And look at this packaging, how beautiful is it?!

The citrusy smell is divine and strong. The Earl Grey loose leaf tea is naturally flavored with orange and lemon peel. The citruses don't prevail over the tea though, it is very well balanced. It makes it a perfect tea for the afternoon.

BOH tea plantation is located in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Find their online store here.
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