November Favorites & Flops (+ video FR)

I am writing down these words while it is COLD outside and I don't remember we had this weather last year. Nobody's complaining here except for the tourists but it is so refreshing for those who live in Dubai all year round! Today I have mainly hair care, skin care and makeup to show you. There are many makeup products I enjoyed discovering and (re)using on November and I also have two big flops I feel like you need to know about. As you may know, I am from France hence I use to buy things from there when I can so you might be frustrated for not being able to get them directly in the UAE. However, I always try to find alternatives for you and fortunately globalization and Internet allow us to order online from everywhere. ;-)

From left to right:


Avalon Organics olive & grape seed shampoo

I am really glad the brand is available in pharmacies in Dubai because the shampoos are great. They're harsh chemicals free and mainly made from organic ingredients. It does its job, leave the hair clean without irritating the scalp. I often have an Avalon Organics shampoo in my bathroom.

Weleda Oat Replenishing conditioner 

Let's get straight to the point: this conditioner literally does nothing. The main purpose of all conditioners is to moisturize hair while detangling. Since I have curly hair, I can't brush them only in the shower but with this conditioner, it's just as if I didn't add nothing. It's a big NO for me.

Skin Care

Organic Wheat Germ Oil

The benefits of this oil are numerous for both hair and skin. It has 23 different nutrients! The oil's ability to get absorbed quickly by the skin makes it perfect for topical treatment. It's super nourishing, age-defying and particularly good for irritated skin. It helped my husband a lot when he faced super dry (even rough) areas on his skin. I myself started applying this oil on areas where my skin was irritated because of razor. For this use, I feel like coconut oil is less efficient so if you have particularly dry / irritated skin, I recommend you to try wheat germ oil.

Bioderma Hydrabio Sunscreen water mist SPF30

The 50ml bottle is always in my handbag. When I'm outside on sunny days, I spray the mist all over my face (and over my makeup, YES!) and arms every few hours to protect my skin from UV rays. If I'm not mistaken, such product does already exist but this one is way cheaper and from a renowned French brand.

Konjac Sponge

The sponge is natural and comes into different colors according to skin types. It's so gentle you can use it twice a day. It cleanse the skin and unclog pores. I use it alone on morning but I add a cleanser (or simply soap) after I remove my makeup with coconut oil. It leaves the skin perfectly cleansed and fresh without harming it.


MAC Electric Cool eyeshadow #Superwatt A24

This is one of my favorite eyeshadows. I bought it last year in Dubai, unfortunately it's a limited edition. The shade is a magnificent dark gold that blends perfectly on the lid. No need a brush to apply it either. Plus, the longlasting power is ah-mazing! All day long without losing its intensity, yes M'am! This eyeshadow instantly enlightens the glance which is particularly helpful when you've had a short night.

Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter in #peach nectar

One word knocked in my head when I swatched the highlighter: OMAGAD. Of course I bought it, of course I love it. Incredibly pigmented, long-lasting and the finish is beautiful over a coral blush such as the Coralista from benefit.

NYX Cosmetics blush in #peach

To me it is more of a pink with a slight peachy note than a proper peach. It's a very pigmented blush with a matt finish that has a quite good long-lasting power. It's not a overstatement to say NYX blushes are amazing.

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in #Fairy pink

I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss in general but I like those from Dior. They're pigmented and this hue especially. I like how the bright pink goes on my lips without being too Barbie-like.

Kiko Cosmetics Full Coverage Concealer

I already love their long lasting stick eyeshadow that I discovered this year but this concealer is a huge flop although I agree on the full coverage point. It has a super thick creamy texture that makes it hard to blend and it emphasizes the little wrinkle I have under my eyes. Add the cakey look and you have a big flop. However, I noticed it is a good product to cover imperfections such as scars.


Ikea Christmas boxes

I've never celebrated Christmas and will probably never celebrate it but I used to enjoy this period in Europe because of all the good food and traditional Christmas market. I was randomly buying home stuff in Ikea when I stumbled into the Christmas section ad found these two cute boxes. The cuteness made me by them. Voilà!

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