My iHerb haul #1

The opening of is one of the best thing that happened lately to people who live in the UAE. Well, to me at least. Iherb is quite popular in France because the products are cheaper than what is in stores. And they are much much (muuuch) cheaper for someone who lives in Dubai. And when I say this, I mean at least twice cheaper than the same product sold in Dubai. Yup, the gap is that dramatic. I checked it myself.

If you are unfamiliar with it, iHerb is a US-based website that offer a large selection of healthy or health-related products, from food to cosmetics. Many brands are organic.  The online payment is completely safe and I get my order delivered at home within a week. It has become my "go-to" place to do my grocery shopping therefore I want to share with you my thoughts on my orders.

Made with only two ingredients: coconut copra and sea salt. It is simple and it is delicious. The coconut chips are slightly salted which gives the taste a real difference. I love eating them just like that or using them as a topping for my porridge, yogurt or even salad. They are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free with no cholesterol thus anyone can find their happiness! There is also a version with caramel that is already on my wishlist!

Really Raw Honey

Raw honey is the most original liquid bees product from the concentrated nectar of flowers. It is collected straight from the extractor and packed, therefore it is unprocessed, unheated, not barreled nor strained. That is why this honey also contains propolis, honeycomb and pollen. Raw honey has many benefits, much more than regular honey we find at supermarkets. I also respect the brand's philosophy since the bees' natural rythm is preserved: they don't pollinate in the winter and they only pollinate wild flowers. The taste is incredibly rich and the texture is smooth and thick. I love the concept and this honey is seriously out of this world!

Tea Infuser

I bought this infuser because it was on sale and I needed an alternative to my big Bodrum teapot for when I drink my tea alone.

J.R. Ligget's Old-Fashioned Bar Shampoo with coconut & argan oil

I've been wanting to try this form of shampoo for a long time. I already washed my hair with Aleppo soap but I feel like it tends to dry them out. I therefore ordered one solid shampoo bar especially made for that purpose only. This shampoo bar is detergent free, GMO free and fragrance free. The ingredient list is irreproachable. I hope it will do great on my hair so I can eventually use it all along a liquid shampoo and therefore avoid waste and save money.

NOW pure cocoa butter

This is a multi-tasks 100% pure butter that I will use it for my chapped lips, my hair and my body in general. The smell of chocolate is so strong and nice, it makes me want to eat it! I bought cocoa butter to replace my expired shea butter. They both have ore or less the same benefits.

NOW tea tree essential oil

I told you about tea tree and its numerous benefits here. I just can't live without this little treasure.

Avalon Organics thickening conditioner biotin b-complex therapy

That's a long tag for a conditioner. I haven't tried it yet but I am hopeful given the good the composition. 70% of the ingredients are organic without harsh sulfates or parabens and it is fortified with wheat protein, biotin and saw palmetto (a plant that helps hair growth and thickness). Let's hope my hair will like protein!

Real Techniques expert face brush 

This brush is basically made for applying foundations but I want to use it for blush as well. The form and bristles of this brush makes me think it is versatile hence interesting to have in the vanity case. 
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