Review | L'Oreal Lumi Magique

Sometimes, a drugtsore foundation is as great - if not better - as high-end brands'. I told you about how the Ex1 Cosmetics foundation is awesome here, remember? This is the reason why sometimes you don't have to spend a lot of money to have something great. But it also happens that the foundation you picked up is just not for you your skin although it can be perfect on others. This is precisely what I feel about the Lumi Magique foundation.


The foundation comes in a light 30ml glass bottle with a pump that dispenses the right amount of product needed. I have the shade D/W3 Gold Linen which is slightly darker than my natural skin color. The shade range is limited as usual, there are twelve shades.
The more I notice that, the more I feel like black and Eastern women are simply put aside in the market. Hellooo, we're in 2016!

The foundation is SPF18


The texture is creamy and liquid. The application itself is correct, I prefer using my Beauty Blender since it leaves some marks with my usual Sigma F35. I noticed this foundation emphasizes pores and dry areas.


The coverage is medium and the finish is dewy. The foundation really gives a subtle glow that looks nice in natural light. Whereas this finish can look really nice on dry to normal skins, Lumi Magique makes a combination / oily skin greasy in a matter of one hour. The overly shimmery look is horrible. Given I have a combination skin, matifying powder over my T-zone is a must-do but it starts shining within an hour despite that.

I also feel like this foundation is a bit tricky since it can quickly look too obvious, even fake. I only apply small amounts gradually so I don't end up with the face of a wax doll. I also noticed it looked nicer without primer (or perhaps my primer sucks?).

The long-lasting power isn't good because of my skin type but I am sure it is great for dry / normal skins.

Overall, I do think Lumi Magique foundation would suit dry to normal skin better. It ends up greasy and shiny on oily areas after few hours of wearing. The use is too limited for me hence I would say Lumi Magique is more a flop than a top for my my skin type.

Price: around 80 AED / 12$