How I organize my makeup... in a drawer

A single drawer, that is all I have to store my makeup since I have a small bedroom and I live with a man who deserves his space too. As I don't want him to feel 'overwhelmed' by my beauty products, I limited myself to this space. Not having 'that much' makeup allow me to do so though it is not as simple to optimize such a small space as it seems.

First thing first, I organize everything by theme: foundations together, lipsticks together etc. so I can quickly pick what I want. As you can see on the picture, I mainly have trays so I don't have to get everything out of the drawer to pick my products.

I only have two acrylic cases: one for blushers and a two-drawers case for both individual eyeshadows and bronzers / face powders. I left this blank space in the center so I can open and close the cases within the drawer.

All the lipsticks and lip liners are stored together next to the BB/CC creams. On the left, there are the foundations and face primers. Then, the highlighters and eyeliners.

On the far right, the palettes are all arranged in a rectangular box from Ikea. The concealers and eye primers are in one pot. The mascaras in another. The brushes are also stored in a large pot.
I've got a little pot for small stuff such as samples, things that no one knows where to store them.

All the acrylic trays and cases come either from Muji or Centre Point.
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