Review | Gentle face cleansers

I have been wanting to make this post ever since I changed my beauty routine regarding to my new skin condition (hormonal acne and other nice stuff). First thing to do when your skin is playing with your nerves is to opt for a more gentle routine because the more you are harsh on it, the worse it will get. No matter your skin type anyway, less is more.

Nuage Céleste Foam - Cattier

I love this French brand for the clean ingredients of many of its products. This cleanser is soap free and has a very light foam that is extremely gentle. It doesn't harm the skin whatsoever yet it leaves it perfectly clean. Actually, the product is so light I prefer using my fingers rather than a Clarisonic or a Konjac sponge. A small quantity is needed for the whole face thus the product lasts quite a long time. Overall, this Cattier cleanser is perfect for a daily use and especially for very sensitive skins. This one is my favorite at the moment.

Dermo-cleansing Gel - Eau Thermale Jonzac

Jonzac is another high quality French brand. The ingredients are excellent and certified organic. It doesn't contain any harsh ingredient, the surfactant agents are not irritating either. However, I am a bit disappointed because of the perfume at the end of the ingredients list since I don't see why it is there though overall it's a very good composition.
On the other hand, this cleanser is supposed to hydrate but I don't think it does giving the short time during which the gel remains on the skin. Anyway, this cleanser is also gentle and particularly recommended for oily / combination skin types. I use it with my Clarisonic once or twice a week. It does clean up the face even though it does foam a little. I even have the feeling that its cleansing power is more important than the one from Cattier.

Evenly Radiant Brightening Cleanser - Derma-e

I got this cleanser from the brand itself few months ago. This is a cruelty free, vegan and paraben free cleanser gel. Its ingredients list is less interesting than the others mentioned above due to the polysorbate (surfactant / emulsifier from the same family as PEGs and SLS) and the phenoxyethanol (a potentially allergenic ingredients). It is too bad because apart from these two, the composition is correct: there are many fruit and plant extracts at the begining of the list which means their concentration is interesting. It does smell good and 'fresh', it's very nice.

This Dermae gel purifies the skin without drying it, especially with the help of a Clarisonic or a Konjac sponge. Though I would not recommend it to very sensitive skins because of its cleansing power. I like to use it once in a while when I need something a bit stronger to clean up my face, especially after removing a heavy makeup or when I go back home from a long roadtrip between desert safaris and wadi adventures (if you follow me on social medias, you know I went to Oman and trust me, I was happy to deeply cleanse my face!).

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