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Having only a drawer to store my makeup obviously doesn't stop me from buying more. Do I sound credible if I tell you I had no choice?! Kiko Milano was doing interesting sales on its online store and I had discounts from the French Sephora. I definitely HAD to order some goodies!

I literally went crazy on Kiko's online store because I adore the long lasting eyeshadow sticks and wanted to expand what we can accurately call a collection. I also was craving for the Water eyeshadows in #208 - a golden shimmery shade - and #200 - a champagne shade with a very light touch of dusty rose -. From the first swatch on my hand I saw they're super pigmented. I bought two other eyeshadows: the metallic shine eyeshadow in the shade #05 Charming Sage (a nice medium green with golden tones) and the cream crush eyeshadow in #09 Pearly Gold. From the swatches, I'm not that amazed by their pigmentation though I need to try them out before having a proper opinion.
I also added blushers. I chose two rebel bouncy blushers in the shades #Adorable Pink and #Treasure Rose. They have a satin matte finish with a surprising consistency, a mix of a gel and packed cream. I already tried Treasure Rose which is a gorgeous dusty rose, fairly pigmented, that looks very nice on the cheeks. There is also a soft touch powder blush which is apparently a best seller. I chose the shade #Bright Pink that might be too cotton-candy pink for my taste but it would look amazing on fair skins.

Since I had -25% on Sephora's online store, I wanted to only pick stuff I was dying to try out for a long time so I picked two Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner from Urban Decay in the shades #Spandex and #Midnight Cowboy. I want to apply them on a matte deep black liner. I think it would look gorgeous for a nightout. At last but not least, there was one high-end brand I wanted to discover so bad but the products are extremely expensive and I took the opportunity of the discount to pick the By Terry Ombre BlackStar in the gorgeous shade #Bronze Moon. From the swatch, the texture is perfect, the stick slides easily and leaves a very pigmented shimmery bronze. I will definitely make a review on it soon!

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