DIY | Hydrating hair spray for defined curls

Many of you guys ask me to do more posts about hair care which makes me happy since it is an important part of my own daily routine. Curly hair require a high maintenance and this homemade hair spray could definitely be a great help to both hydrate and texturise your curls every morning. You only need three ingredients - water included. Here we go!

Ingredients for a 200ml bottle:
  • around 190ml of mineral water
  • 8ml of vegetable glycerin
  • 20 drops of provitamin B5 
It is important to use pure mineral water because hard water makes hair dry and rough.

Number one rule if you want beautiful curls is hydration and vegetable glycerin is an excellent moisturizer. This product is truly magic because it's versatile: you can also use it for skin, mix it with any other products from shampoo to body lotion. It is also helps hair (or skin) capture and keep the hydration within when mixed with another ingredient. However, vegetable glycerin shall never exceed 10% out of the total preparation because then it will have the opposite effect. If you have thin hair, I recommend you not to exceed 5%.

Provitamin B5 or D-panthenol has also interesting benefits for hair. It helps prevent hair damage by conditioning the hair fiber.

I personally don't add any preservative since the bottle only last few days for my mane but if you want it to last longer, grapefruit seed extracts is a natural preservative.

How to use it:

All you need to do is shaking well before spraying the mixture all over your hair by gently scrunching. It will reactivate the products you applied the day before by making your curls beautifully defined.

If this spray leaves your hair sticky, it probably means one (or both) of the ingredients doesn't suit your hair. Or it can be due to the dosage as well so you will have to change the quantities. One needs to try out before knowing what suits them best after all.

And... Voilà! I hope it will help!

Here is a video I made in French showing the different steps and how exactly I apply the spray. You don't need to understand French language since I told you here everything I said on the video. :)

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