Thickening / hydrating hair mask with kapoor kachli & coconut milk

Let's talk about hair again because if yours is similar, you know that curls require a high maintenance. I plead guilty of not being constant in doing hair masks because it takes time, especially since my hair is getting very long, and it is not socially acceptable to go out with yogourt on your hair, isn't it?

But hair masks on a weekly basis are really important to maintain your mane healthy and today I want to share a simple recipe that will thicken and hydrate - among other few benefits.

Kapoor Kachli

I love ayurvedic powders, they are amazing. Kapoor kachli is an Indian powder that has several interesting properties:

  • it has antioxydant and antiseptic properties 
  • it helps hair growth by stimulating the scalp
  • it helps hair grow thicker and stronger
  • it has detangling and conditioning properties
  • it gives a pleasant fragrance and adds shine
Like any other powder, it tends to dry out the hair so you'd better add a nourishing and/or hydrating ingredient to avoid that effect. 

Coconut milk 

Not only it is one of the most popular ingredients for hair growth but coconut milk is also both hydrating and nourishing which is why I use it in this recipe. Little warning though: coconut milk soaks up color. It is by the way the most effective ingredient to soak up henna so if you want your hair color to be left untouched, avoid coconut milk and add any other nourishing or hydrating ingredient instead.

The quantity will depend on your hair length. I add ingredients at random but I'd say it represents around 4 spoons of kapoor kachli and 10 spoons of coconut milk.

Mix the ingredients together until it becomes a creamy yet slightly runny texture. This hair mask can be applied on either dry or damp hair. If you apply it to damp hair, I advise you to have a slightly firmer consistency to avoid dripping. I personally find it much easier to apply hair masks on damp hair.

Proceed by separating your hair into locks then apply the mixture by starting from the scalp. Once done, wrap your hair into a bun under a towel - or you can even wrap it first with a cellophane tape like I do because heat opens up the hair fibre so the products penetrate better.

Leave it for an hour or so and wash your hair afterwards as usual. And voilà!

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