My iHerb order #3

iHerb never ceases to surprise me. The design sucks and it's very messy but it is so worth it you should give it a try. It's like a treasure hunt although many brands are more a greenwashing than actually natural. This is why I do this series of post, so you can find interesting products there and I truly hope it helps!

Remember my article about a zero waste bathroom in which I told you I use alum powder? I don't have much left and I need to find an alternative by the time I go back to Algeria where I refuel my stock. I picked up this one for a first try because there are many good reviews on it. The composition is very good, it is rich in essential oils. It will be the first deodorant I use in two years, crazy!

I didn't know this brand and I'm glad I discovered it because the product range looks very interesting. I am looking for the perfect moisturizer for my combination skin and I have hopes in this one. It is oil-free which should help matifying my oily T-Zone yet it should hydrates enough the rest of my face. On the other hand, acai and white tea are full of antioxydants which can only be good to the skin. Again, the ingredients list is perfect which is absolutely mandatory!

I like changing eye creams regularly. I read a lot of good reviews on this one from Acure Organics. It is also the first time I try this brand and the ingredients list looks good. It is rich in naturally hydrating ingredients thus it is much needed for my dry eye zone.

I already told you about Desert Essence shampoos here. They leave hair perfectly clean, the formula is gentle and it smells good. Nothing less!

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