Kitchen ingredients that hydrate your hair

..... I frequently receive questions about how I maintain my hair and although I do admit it is a day-to-day work by itself, it is actually very easy to find the right products. Since curly hair naturally tends to be dehydrated, I thought it would be interesting to start off that topic. Good news is you don't have to be curly to follow my tips. ;-) 

Your kitchen is a gold mine from which you can pick ingredients that are extremely beneficial for your hair. If you are on a budget, no worries, just go for the non organic option although I suggest you use organic raw sweeteners (see below): they are worth the price as they last for quite some time.

Dairy products

They contain lactic acid and protein which not only hydrate but also helps lock in moisture. By the way, lactic acid also helps restore de pH level of the scalp, especially yogurt, hence it is great if you have dandruff too. 
Plant based milk

Rice milk, almond milk but also soy and oat milk... They have different properties yet they all hydrate the hair. I particularly love coconut milk because it also helps hair growth but be careful if you have coloured hair because it can even remove henna when used very often! 
Honey makes the difference whenever I go for a hair mask, it's amazing. I use it in almost all my masks actually, especially when I use ayurveda powders because they naturally dry the hair. However, there is choice: agave nectar (by the way, the picture above is the agave plant), maple syrup and even date syrup. It is not only delicious on pancakes but also on your hair! 
If you follow me on Snapchat, you probably saw me when I tried molasses for the first time. I really liked how hydrated and soft my hair was afterwards so I recommend you to just try whatever natural sweetener you want. 

And here you go! Let's hope this post will make your grocery shopping more pleasant and your hair healthier.

Love your curls!
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