Discover the UAE: Liwa desert

Let me start this post by wishing you a belated happy New Year! Ours started in the peaceful and quiet desert of Liwa in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It was the perfect way to end a year and the best way to kick off the new one!

It is funny how people tend to only think of Dubai when one talks about the UAE. It is a shame because there is so much more to see in the country than tall buildings. Each emirate is worth the trip as they all have their landscapes and activities to do. To be fair, we never heard of Liwa until we bought the UAE Off-Road book which lists several places to visit for anyone who feels a little bit adventurous. It is definitely the best purchase we made this season - along with camping equipment.

So we spent three days with friends in a remote part of this huge desert. We set up our camping spot in the area of Hameem, the less popular part of the inhabited oasis. It is located four hours away from Dubai. We wanted to really connect with nature.and we have been amazed. It wasn't our first time in a desert though it is as if it were because there is always something new to discover thre, a new form of beauty to admire... Even a new caping skill to learn - and trust me, we started from zero!
The beauty of the never-ending dunes twinkling under the sun light is majestic. Yet there is no comparison in the world with the beauty of the sky by night, filled with thousands of sparkling stars. This vision is awe-inspiring. My camera couldn't capture the genuine beauty of our surroundings yet I want to share a few pictures with you, taken from morning to sunset. The rest of the images are on my Instagram profile @theshadesofnoor. Enjoy.

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