My summer skin care routine

organic natural minimalistic

Key words for my routine this summer are hydration and minimalism. It doesn't look minimalistic at all in this picture but obviously I do not use these products the same day. They are rather divided into the following categories:

Floral mist - daily (1)
Moisturizers and serums - daily (2, 3, 4)
Face masks and scrubs - weekly (5, 6)
Nourishing oils and serum (7, 8, 9)

organic natural minimalistic

1.- Orange blossom floral water - Melvita
First thing in the morning after washing my face, I spray the mist all over and leave it for a few seconds. Good news is that the French brand recently arrived here with a small stand in Marina mall. Floral mists have several benefits (orange blossom has softening and soothing properties) and are recommended if you have hard water at home.

2.- Eye balm - Dr Hauschka
This cream just add the extra moisture my dry eye zone needs. It really reduces the fine lines, I can see how my skin improved ever since I started using it.

3.- Matifying cream - Neal's Yard
While it is supposed to reduce shine by balancing the sebum thanks to the white clay in it, I don't see a huge improvement as it takes more than a cream to turn a combination skin into a normal one. Some dermatologists even claim that it is not possible. What I know is that when I apply a small amount on my T-zone every day, it delays the time I start shining bright like a diamond.

4.- Rose & mallow moisturizer - Neal's Yard
First time I try this day cream and nothing negative to say so far. I feel my skin deeply hydrated the whole day yet the product is not heavy for my T-zone.

5.- Golden Glow Face mask - Izil
Izil is a Dubai-based brand hold by a Moroccan couple passionate about North African beauty secrets and natural ingredients. This mask is made with honey (hydrating), argan oil (nourishing, anti-aging) and saffron. The smell is delightful and after a few minutes on the skin, it feels moisturized, supple and soft. I love this product.

6.- Micro polish cleanser - REN
I use it more as a scrub on a weekly basis because of the micro grains though it does have a slight cleansing effect but nothing crazy. The grains tend to be too harsh to be honest so you better be gentle while rubbing your face.

7.- AHA concentrate - REN
I wasn't sure how to use it nor what it was exactly. According to the website, it is meant to rejuvenate the skin. There is a specific protocol to follow but I left it on my bathroom counter for weeks before I could see any result. I will go back to this product after summer because it removes the dead skin and leave the new layers of skin particularly sensitive to UVA/UVB rays. I won't take any risk with the summer Dubai offers us.

8.- Hazelnut oil
Much recommended for combination/oily skins as it helps balancing the sebum production. Tested and approved.

9.- Avocado oil
Regenerating hence anti-aging, highly protective... One of ma all-time favorite oils. Highly recommended!

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